Floating Terrazzo - 15mm POLISHED CONCRETE


We are a small family-run business and have been involved in the construction industry for over 30 years.
We use the latest technology and innovations to make this product unique.
Day 1: The floating base is installed with underlay and reinforcement
Grinding & Polishing
Day 2: Coloured cement and stones are applied. Will harden overnight
What are the benefits of working with Floating Terrazzo?

Floating Terrazzo will travel from Newcastle to Sydney and surrounding areas to make it even more convenient for you.
All of our work is done on site, except for small items such as steps or speciality pieces. This allows us to keep our costs down, while still providing you exceptional service.
Our flooring system is a 2-part application:

•Day 1: the floating base is installed with underlay and reinforcement.
•Day 2: the coloured cement and stones are applied which will harden overnight so can be walked on in the following days.

We make sure each of these steps is completed as efficiently as possible, in order to offer you a competitive price, and to save you time in the long term. In doing this, we have developed partnerships across the Central Coast region, which allow us to find the best prices for your job.
The terrazzo floors system floats freely from the structural floor and does not transmit 99% of cracks that may exist underneath.

Approximate weight of 25kg per square metre, this is a heavyweight in the floating floor industry and is the perfect thickness for carpet to butt against.

Underfloor heating can be installed prior to commencement (contactwww.livella.com).
Grinding & Polishing
Our concrete polishing experts complete every job with dexterity and professionalism. With years of experience in the industry, Floating Terrazzo are able to bring a high level of service to your home.

Contact us in Central Coast, NSW and Newcastle, for more information on how to book a quote for polished concrete floors in your own home.